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Booking hotels for my family

Somewhere along the line I got a reputation for being great at choosing hotels. Now my family comes straight to me every time they are going on a trip and asks me to choose the hotels. It's fun to go exploring travel sites but can be a little sad when you realise you aren't going on the holiday with family. I am pretty good at finding great deals on the big chains, but also on cool little local boutique hotels and bed and breakfasts. This blog has some of my tips for other people when they are booking hotels and accommodations.

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Booking hotels for my family


Two signs you'd have a great time if you stayed at a holiday park

Here are some signs you should consider staying at a holiday park. You like to make lovely meals during your holidays If you're a foodie and take lots of pleasure in preparing your own delicious and interesting meals, you might want to consider giving the hotels in your next holiday destination a miss and instead book a spot at one of the area's holiday parks. The reason for this is that, although you can technically make your own meals when you're in a hotel, they're unlikely to be anything interesting, as you'll be limited by the lack of cooking equipment and the fact that you cannot use things like hot plates in most hotel rooms.