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Booking hotels for my family

Somewhere along the line I got a reputation for being great at choosing hotels. Now my family comes straight to me every time they are going on a trip and asks me to choose the hotels. It's fun to go exploring travel sites but can be a little sad when you realise you aren't going on the holiday with family. I am pretty good at finding great deals on the big chains, but also on cool little local boutique hotels and bed and breakfasts. This blog has some of my tips for other people when they are booking hotels and accommodations.

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Booking hotels for my family

    Two signs you'd have a great time if you stayed at a holiday park

    Here are some signs you should consider staying at a holiday park. You like to make lovely meals during your holidays If you're a foodie and take lots of pleasure in preparing your own delicious and interesting meals, you might want to consider giving the hotels in your next holiday destination a miss and instead book a spot at one of the area's holiday parks. The reason for this is that, although you can technically make your own meals when you're in a hotel, they're unlikely to be anything interesting, as you'll be limited by the lack of cooking equipment and the fact that you cannot use things like hot plates in most hotel rooms.

    How to Get the Most Out of a Motel

    People travelling by road prefer to spend their nights at motels. The facilities are designed to cater to the needs of travellers. They have adequate parking and extra amenities such as fuel stations and a garage for those that would want to repair their cars. Read the article below to learn how you can get the most out of a motel.  Due Diligence Always conduct some due diligence before booking the motel.

    Take Advantage of the Many Motel Features and Services Available to Make the Most of Your Stay

    Quality motels offer many attractions and benefits if you're travelling or going away on holiday. Whether your stay is only overnight or you're planning a holiday of longer duration, motel accommodation offers you the opportunity to relax and make the most of your time, especially when you take advantage of the many features and services available. Booking a motel is easy; just go online and fill out the form, or give them a call — the friendly motel staff will guide you through the entire booking process and answer any questions you may have.

    So You Want to Buy That Pub for Sale? Here Are Three Basic Things You Should Think About First

    For most people, owning their own business is considered a life goal. Buying a pub is one way to own your own business, but as with anything worth doing, there are some things that should be taken into careful consideration. Are you comfortable with that lifestyle? Owning a pub is nothing like owning a local retail store in the neighbourhood. The hours, for instance, are completely different since you will probably be open during the late afternoon hours to the wee morning hours.

    What to Remember When Making Out-of-Town Reservations

    When making hotel or motel reservations at a location you've never visited before, you may be tempted to just book a room online and not give your accommodations another thought. While this can often be sufficient for ensuring you have a room, there are a few additional things you might remember about making out-of-town reservations and that can help you save money and avoid any surprises. Note a few things to remember and ask about when making your reservation.

    A Surefire Way to Escape Distractions and Get Things Done in Your Location-Independent Business

    Do you find it hard to concentrate when you're working from home? Your children are asking for your help; visitors drop in; the phone is ringing; there's work to be done around the house. You can probably think of a million things that need your attention. Here is an easy way to overcome distractions and make progress on your creative projects: schedule uninterrupted time for your business and book yourself into a hotel room for a day or two.

    How to have a fantastic holiday on a tight budget

    Everyone deserves a break occasionally; however, many people simply cannot afford a traditional holiday abroad.  If you're in a similar situation but are eager to get away for a few days, here are a few options that will enable you to have a fantastic trip without spending a small fortune. Opt for budget-friendly accommodation Hotels are the most popular form of holiday accommodation; they're also usually the most expensive. For those with limited budgets, they are best avoided.

    Where to stay for a romantic getaway in Perth

    Perth is a hidden jewel with a number of attractions that make it suitable for wonderful romantic holiday. Here are some regions to check when searching for great accommodation for your next Perth getaway.  The CBD (central business district) The CBD is the perfect place to start off a holiday in Perth. You can visit a number of sites including walking or biking along the Swan River, visiting the newly opened Elizabeth Quay and trekking up the hill to Kings Park to enjoy the wonderful views.